Who puts these together?
A group of about 14 people. It’s not headed up by any podcast or individual in particular. It’s a communal effort, like an Amish barn raising.

How did this start?
Epic Esquire was headed out to Vegas to meet up with Mitch and Dr. Kev. Chris heard about it and invited himself to the meet up. As they chatted about it on twitter, more and more people became interested in going. It snowballed into the first Oceans14 meetup.

How did you come up with the name?
It stared as a joke on twitter. Epic Esquire suggested we name our first meet up Oceans14 and Mitch (Tipping The Odds Las Vegas) joked about needing a t-shirt with that printed on it in the size of XL. We put the two together and it stuck.

What’s the philosophy?
Keep ’em small. Keep ’em interesting. No shade on any other meetups, but they tend to be huge. This is on the smaller side on purpose. We don’t give a lot of advance notice on the meetup because we enjoy the smaller, more intimate groups. We also try to find the hidden gems in Vegas. So many great places get overlooked. We try to find experiences that are slightly out of the normal Vegas stuff.

Where else will you be going?
There’s been talk of heading to San Diego, Texas and a few other places. Oceans14 isn’t just a gambling meetup. It’s a group of friends who enjoy each other’s company and we have a good time no matter where we go.